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Kid-Safe and Effective

BPA-free, food-safe knives that won’t cut skin.

KiddiKutters are especially designed with rounded serrations so they cut food – not fingers.

Use them in the kitchen to teach kids about healthy eating and to involve them in preparing and cutting up food.

Since KiddiKutters can also cut through meat when used with a sawing action, they are ideal to use as cutlery. Let children use them at the dinner table to boost their self-confidence and teach them independent eating habits.

Available in eight funky colours, KiddiKutters are perfect for toddlers, tweens, teens and those with special needs.

The suggested age is three years old, but younger kids can use them too.

Maybe start them on softer foods at first.

Cooking with kids using a safe knife

Easy to Use

Now, everyone can be involved in preparing and cooking meals

If you let everyone get involved in preparing and cooking food, it’s less work for one person, family members are more likely to try and enjoy new recipes, and you all learn and have fun! We have tried, tested and developed KiddiKutters to be:

  • BPA-free, completely food safe and hygienic.
  • Great to use with an easy-grip handle and certified food safe coated stainless steel blade.
  • Dishwasher Safe.

Encourage Healthy Eating

The kid-friendly knife that makes life easier and healthier

It can be scary worrying about cut little fingers. KiddiKutter knives change that so your mini chefs can join in and create their own dishes safely.

 KiddiKutter knives work by using a sawing action. They are not sharp and they won’t chop, but they will allow children to slice and dice fruit and vegetables and cut up their food.

Kids as young as three can help you in the kitchen without you worrying about cuts and injuries. Using their own knife, children will learn and develop fine motor skills, and when you let them into the kitchen, you can teach them about food and nutrition and they are likely to want to try new fruits and vegetables along the way.

KiddiKutters are handy for carrying in your nappy bag so you’re well equipped for snacks on the go, and are ideal for use in cookery classes at schools and kindergartens.

K I D D I K U T T E R  


K I D D I K U T T E R  


 K I D D I K U T T E R  


Blue childs apron with matching chef hat. The apron says Mr Chef

Chef aprons

Your little chef will look and feel the part in our super cute aprons.



KiddiKutter were absolutely thrilled to be announced as one of five finalists in The Housewares Innovation Awards 2019.