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With KiddiKutter, you can share your cooking experiences with your children while keeping them safe.

In today’s modern world, promoting a healthy diet amongst children is more important than ever. One of the best places to spark your little one’s imagination is by letting them join you in the kitchen. As a parent or carer, it’s natural to worry about sharp tools. At KiddiKutter, we’re here to change all that.

A journey to finding a child-friendly knife that’s easy to use.

Each KiddiKutter knife undergoes extensive testing for your peace of mind

Since 2002, the KiddiKutter team has worked tirelessly to evolve its child-friendly knives. Our journey started with a small knife complete with a smiley face on the handle. While operating under the name Kiddie Food Kutter, we recognised that we needed to bring a more reliable and usable product to market.

Nine years later in 2011, we rebranded ourselves as KiddiKutter and began building on the feedback of our dedicated customer base. Our commitment to focusing on knives stemmed from the recognition that they’re essential food preparation tools but they’re often unsafe for children to use. We continued our work creating a usable product that wouldn’t pose a risk of injury to the children using it.

Today, we can proudly boast a children’s knife that has passed European and Australian safety certifications.

One of the ways we achieve our high safety standards is through eliminating the chopping actions that come with regular knives. Instead, KiddiKutter works by sawing.


KiddiKutter’s approach to cooking is spreading across the globe

While other businesses may try to copy our knives, they never match the quality! This has become apparent in the way KiddiKutter has enjoyed global expansion over the last few years. From parents to schools, our international customers love how we make food preparation safe for your children, allowing parents and kids to spend quality fun family time.

A dedication to broadening education

At KiddiKutter, we want to make sure our products have an impact in more ways than one. It’s for this reason that we engage in fundraising with schools,councils and organisations. When you choose KiddiKutter knives as part of your fundraising activities, you can be assured you are getting the best quality child’s knife on the market.

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KiddiKutter meet with Little Fuss Pots for a chat.

We had the pleasure of meeting Beth from Little Fusspot, she uses our KiddiKutter knives in her therapy sessions when helping families with picky eating.


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Its not all about the knives

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Whilst our main product is our KiddiKutter Knives, we also offer a couple of other items in our shop, the Zipzicle and Sleeve. You can combine the use of the KiddiKutter Knife with this to get the kids involved with chopping up the fruit for this summer time treat. 


These incredibly durable aprons are perfect for crafting, painting, cooking, or for spaghetti night! Available in a selection of different designs!


These aprons are designed specifically with convenience in mind and have an easy snap around the neck for high, medium, or low necklines.

  • “My son likes to make his own dinner so I bought him a Kiddikutter for him which he and I love!”

    - Corinna -
  • “My daughter has just got hers and has tried it out. Think the challenge will be learning the different technique of sawing but she told me she loves it. “

    - Sarah -
  • “Amazing service! We discovered Kiddikutter knives and they arrived super fast. The kids love them and I don’t have to stress when they help me cook anymore! I am very impressed. thank you”

    - Shona -
  • “Amazing, safe and cute Kiddikutters for my kids
    No worry of them cutting themselves.
    Gets them fully Involved with cooking, safely.”

    - Khasitta -
  • “We have had a kiddikutter in our home for years. My sons used them at 2 years old to cut their own bananas. It made them very proud to have prepared their own snack. I now give them away as gifts to all the littlies in my family. I love the multi pack great value! Keep up the good work. It is certainly the best kids knife available.”

    - Julia -
  • “My son has been using his since he was 2. It’s very safe and he loves helping prepare food for us all to eat. He loves being involved with everything the adults do and this is a great product which enables him to do so ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!”

    - Teena -

KiddiKutter were absolutely thrilled to be announced as one of five finalists in The Housewares Innovation Awards 2019.