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About Us

KiddiKutter kid's knives

Hello there 👋
I’m Maria and I sell knives. To kids.
And I have a confession. I bluddy hate cooking.

Phewwww it feels goooooood to let that out.

I’m the creator of KiddiKutter, the original child’s knife that’s completely safe for kids. It cuts food, not fingers.

It’s so safe, my own kids used it for years. (They’re big, wonderful, adult-sized kids now and they still use a KiddiKutter).

When my 3 year old asked to help in the kitchen, I said no.

As a pre schooler, Jesse was diagnosed with dyspraxia (clumsy child syndrome). He would fill his cup beyond full, pour cereal that completely overshot the bowl and generally turn the kitchen a hazard zone.

My disdain for cooking is matched by my undying love for British crime dramas. (And Häagen Dasz ice cream. Any flavour, as long as it’s got those lovely cr-un-CH-y bits in it).

So, me plus an accident-prone kid? A recipe for disaster.

Remembering countless happy – and delicious – memories helping my nan in the kitchen when I was little, I realised that if I couldn’t find a way to safely get Jesse involved in cooking, he would miss out on so much. Like…

All the fun, food exploration, skill development, understanding of where food comes from and creating something meaningful together.

Instead of crying over spilled milk, I searched high and low for a child’s knife Jesse could use without losing blood, fingers or years of my life. I trialled a toddler’s knife, a butter knife and a paring knife (that did sod all) before stumbling on a pumpkin knife. Voila! I had a child safe knife my kids could use without me hovering like a helicopter parent.

A few design evolutions, a growing team and 20-odd years later, today KiddiKutter is a multi-award winning product safely used by families in over 40 countries.

We’ve also created the KandoKutter, an adult sized knife designed for people with disability to safely use in the kitchen. I’m immensely proud of this knife and I love seeing the way it opens up people’s worlds.

Adults safe knife

Cooking with kids changes lives.

Not in a you’re-driving-me-mad-I-said-no-you-can’t-use-the-knife kind of way.

In an easy, stress free, this is actually fun way.

Whatever their ability or food habits, cooking together is amazing for your child’s development.

They gain practical life skills.

Nutrition knowledge.

Contributing to the family.

Exploring food on their own terms (fussy eaters, we’re looking at you!).

And powerfully positive vibes when you flip “Whyyyyyy can’t I help?” into “I did it all on my own!”  

Cooking with KiddiKutter creates breakthroughs for kids and families. And if your child has a disability or does things in their own wonderful way (that’s different to the world’s “mould”), you’ll know how lifechanging these 👆 achievements are.

We’re all about giving kids the independence they crave in the kitchen.

Because doing that unlocks endless moments of delight, learning, togetherness and wonderful family memories.

There’s something about making food together that’s can’t-put-your-finger-on-it special. It’s the chats, the intimacy and the transfer of generational knowledge as you come together over food.

Without the sharp be careful-that-will-cut-you-knives-aren’t-for-kids bits.

How can you be sure KiddiKutter is safe to put in your child’s hands?

Our patented design comes in a rainbow of colours and has rounded serrations on the blade – with no sharp edges. It works with a chopping or sawing motion that maintains contact with the food’s surface, reducing the effort required to slice, dice and chop smoothly.

All our knives regularly undergo worldwide safety testing in USA and Europe. Every batch of knives is scrupulously tested from handle to tip and back again.

KiddiKutter lets you safely, effectively slice anything from tomato to steak with ease. Zero accidents. Not a drop of blood. All 10 fingers intact. (Go on, try and cut yourself with it. We know you’re dying to!)

Whisking away kitchen stress since 2002

We’re an Australian owned and run family business, based in Perth. We personally reply to emails (bots, begone!) and give out of this world customer service.

Don’t love your knife? Get your money back, no questions asked. But if you’re happy to share the problem, we’d love to hear – and resolve it.

A haul of global awards twinkle on our desk and assure you we’re the real deal. (Beware of copycats, there are many imitators out there but none match our quality, service or innovation).

We love it when you send us videos or photos of your kids using KiddiKutter. Their little faces are so proud when they cut their own food – it makes our hearts cartwheel with glee!

And it’s why we’re still here, for more than 20 years, loving the way KiddiKutter changes lives around the world. 

Maria Georgiou
2019 Stevie Award Entrepreneur of the year


We have answered the most frequently asked questions here. Contact us today if you want to know more +

Yes, KiddiKutters are for children to cut their own dinner at the table or help in the kitchen. As with any activity involving small children, we advise that there is some adult supervision. KiddiKutters are also useful for people with special needs. perfect for left or right handers.

We have just made the worlds first adults safe knife, designed to give people with disabilities more confidence and independence in the kitchen. KandoKutter Adult Safe Knife

We are NDIS registered and can invoice through a plan manager or if you are self managed. Claim them back on your consumables budget.

Yes, KiddiKutters will cut most food that a sharp knife will but by using a sawing or chopping action. Always remember, they are not sharp. Your kids will want to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner using these great knives! Give your little one the gift of independence.

KiddiKutters have a certified food-safe coated stainless-steel blade with rounded teeth that cuts food, not fingers. The easy grip handle is BPA free, and yes, they are fine in the dishwasher on the top shelf.

We’ve passed all the relevant safety tests world wide for your peace of mind.

Children start to want to help in the kitchen at various ages but our customer feedback shows that the average starting age is around 2 years old. Of course, children’s abilities do vary. It may be  a good idea to offer softer fruits and veggies to very young children at first. Don’t worry about the mess; it’s all part of the fun of learning about different foods.

We often get told that children are trying different foods when they have prepared it with their own KiddiKutter. How wonderful is that?!

KiddiKutters have proven useful for both children and adults with special needs, in particular Autism and visual impairment. They are great to carry in your nappy-bag for cutting up fruit and nibbles. We sell KiddiKutter knives to cooking classes and schools worldwide.

We have just released the worlds fist adult safe knife, designed for people with disabilities who may find using a conventional kitchen knife difficult. Check out the KandoKutter Adult Safe Knife

If you have NDIS funding we can invoice you. Claim them back on your consumables budget.

Yes, absolutely we can issue you an invoice. Kiddikutter is now NDIS approved. We can invoice your order if you are self or plan managed.

Claim them back on your consumables budget.

Get in touch with us to place your order. 

Contact us via our NDIS customer form or Ph. +61 (0) 403 832 949 or email info@kiddikutter.com.au

Have you seen our adults sized version? KandoKutter is 29 cm long and perfect for adults to use.

Yes! The complete product from knife to box is recyclable in your recycling bin.