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Our “How Does it work” page should explain how KiddiKutter is able to cut food without cutting fingers, but here are answers to some other questions that we are often asked. Please watch the video to see it in action!

KiddiKutter has invested heavily in extensive testing to make sure our knives are safe  for your kids to use.

We have our European, Australian, German and French testing certification that ensures your KiddiKutter knife is safe for your child to use with food.

Are KiddiKutters for kids to use?
Yes, KiddiKutters are for children to cut their own dinner at the table or help in the kitchen.

We do however, as with any activity involving small children, advise that there is some adult supervision.Also useful for adults with disabilities.

Will they cut meat as well as vegetables?
Yes, KiddiKutters will cut any food that a sharp knife will using a sawing action, remember they are NOT sharp, so don’t chop.

Your kids will want to eat breakfast,lunch and dinner using these great knives.

What are they made of?
Believe it or not, KiddiKutters have a food-safe coated stainless steel blade with rounded teeth & a fabulous easy-grip handle. They are BPA free, and yes are fine in the dishwasher. We have all of the relevant safety tests for your peace of mind.
At what age are they suitable?
Children start to want to help in the kitchen at various ages but our feedback seems to be that the average starting age is around 2/12 years old. Of course children’s abilities do vary. If your little one finds it hard at first getting the sawing action, give them something soft to cut at first, don’t worry about the mess, It’s all part of the fun of learning about different textures!
What other uses do they have?
KiddiKutters have proved useful for both children & adults with disabilities, & are also great to carry in your nappy-bag for cutting up fruit etc.We are selling KiddiKutter knives to cooking classes worldwide.

If you have any questions about KiddiKutter’s that haven’t been answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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