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Fundraising with KiddiKutter is easy peasy!

We would love to team up with you and help you earn money through fundraising with KiddiKutter knives.

They are an excellent, healthy and very useful alternative to the regular chocolate fundraisers!
Kids of all ages love to help with cooking and now they can be involved safely. 

A Simple Process

How Fundraising with KiddiKutter Works

Traditional fundraising usually involves selling chocolates. This isn’t a healthy option, and we’re all about promoting healthy lifestyles for your kids. Whether you want to hold a fundraiser for your school, library, sporting club, kinder or playgroup, we can help.

1000’s of groups and schools in Australia and New Zealand have raised lots of money easily by selling KiddiKutter knives.

The process is so simple.

Fill out the form below and we’ll email you everything you need to kick off your fundraiser quickly.

We bring over 10 years of experience to fundraising, and we’re happy to give you tips to help you sell KiddiKutter knives.

You’ll earn $5.00 for every KiddiKutter knife you sell.

It’s that easy! At the end of the fundraiser, you simply submit your order forms and payment to us. You’re then free to use the money your group earned for whatever venture you started the fundraiser for.

No upfront payment is required.

K I D D I K U T T E R 


Benefits of Fundraising with KiddiKutter

We make the entire fundraising process quick and easy at KiddiKutter because we can understand how difficult it can be to start fundraising. 

Your group will earn $5.00 for every knife you sell, and this adds up fast! 

No Upfront Costs – You contact us, we send you the information and order forms, and you’re set to start your fundraiser. There are no upfront costs for your group, and we support both large and small groups.

We’ll give you everything you need to have a successful fundraiser and earn the money your group needs. 

Contact Us Today!

Are you ready to kick off your own fundraiser?

Maybe you want more information or order forms. Either way, we want to hear from you! Fill the form out and we’ll email the goodies right back so you can get started right away. The best bit? No upfront payment is needed so you will only pay for what your buyers have ordered.

Here is what some fundraising co-ordinators have said...

Kiddikutter safe knife for kids

KiddiKutter Knives

Shop our collection of safe and bright KiddiKutter knives.

They make the perfect gift of independence.

Blue childs apron with matching chef hat. The apron says Mr Chef


KiddiKutter Aprons

Our aprons are perfect with your Kiddikutter knife.

Give kids the right tools and the possibilities are endless. 


Adult safe knife


We have made the worlds first safe knife for adults with disabilities.


KiddiKutter were absolutely thrilled to be announced as one of five finalists in The Housewares Innovation Awards 2019.