Fundraising with KiddiKutter is easy peasy!

We would love to team up with you and help you earn money through fundraising with KiddiKutter knives. They are an excellent, healthy and very useful alternative to the regular chocolate fundraisers!
Kids of all ages love to help with cooking and now they can be involved safely. 

A Simple Process

How Fundraising with KiddiKutter Works

Traditional fundraising usually involves selling chocolates. This isn’t a healthy option, and we’re all about promoting healthy lifestyles for your kids. Whether you want to hold a fundraiser for your school, library, sporting club, kinder or playgroup, we can help.

1000’s of groups and schools in Australia and New Zealand have raised lots of money easily by selling KiddiKutter knives.

The process is so simple. Fill out the form below and we’ll email you everything you need to kick off your fundraiser quickly. We bring over 10 years of experience to fundraising, and we’re happy to give you tips to help you sell KiddiKutter knives.

You’ll earn $5.00 for every KiddiKutter knife you sell. It’s that easy! At the end of the fundraiser, you simply submit your order forms and payment to us. You’re then free to use the money your group earned for whatever venture you started the fundraiser for. No upfront payment is required.

K I D D I K U T T E R 


Benefits of Fundraising with KiddiKutter

We make the entire fundraising process quick and easy at KiddiKutter because we can understand how difficult it can be to start fundraising. It’s also quick because you earn $5.00 for every knife you sell, and this adds up fast! 

No Upfront Costs – You contact us, we send you the information and order forms, and you’re set to start your fundraiser. There are no upfront costs for your group, and we support both large and small groups. We’ll give you everything you need to have a successful fundraiser and earn the money your group needs. 

Contact Us Today!

Are you ready to kick off your own fundraiser?

Maybe you want more information or order forms. Either way, we want to hear from you! Fill the form out and we’ll email the goodies right back so you can get started right away. The best bit? No upfront payment is needed so you will only pay for what your buyers have ordered.

Here is what some fundraising co-ordinators have said...

  • Mi Casa Montessori

    “We received the KiddiKutters yesterday and they’re now at playgroup being handed out to parents at each daily session!!

    Thank you so much for the easiness of ordering etc. Everything we needed was provided and the process was so organised which helped us make a greater profit than we anticipated.

    My son used his today and he was so chuffed that he was cutting his own cucumber pieces!

    Thank you again.”

    - Christine -
  • Peta. Ipswich Multiple Birth

    “I bought my twins a KiddiKutter each and they have come a long way with cutting their own food. They loved it so much I used them as a fundraiser for my Multiple Birth Club and they sold very fast, the easiest fundraiser I have ever done. Very pleased with this product and I would recommend it to anyone. In fact we will be looking at doing another fundraiser with this product in the future.

    Thanks heaps”

    - Maria -
  • Cerebral Palsy Support Network

    “Thank you to KiddiKutter for such a tremendous product that has enabled us to sell over 100 knives in order to raise vital funds for the Cerebral Palsy Support Network. Our members loved these knives as children with a disability of any age can use them and there were many great comments about the bright colours.

    Thank you again for such a wonderful product and old fashioned service.”

    - Melissa Flentjar -
  • West Albury Pre-School

    “Thank you for providing us with the fundraising material for the KiddiKutter for our preschool. It was the easiest fundraiser ever with really good profits! We made $450 profit and we also got 24 KiddiKutter’s for the children to use in class. It took absolutely no effort to organise and packing was very easy. The KiddiKutter itself is just brilliant and the children use them a lot. I would recommend this to any preschool as a simply wonderful fundraiser. We will be doing it again in 3 years (when there is a new set of parents though!)”

    - Cathy -
  • Cootamundra Preschool

    “KiddiKutter has been an excellent fundraiser for our preschool – the ordering system was faultless, time to organise was minimal, and parents get something that is beneficial – value for money

    We found running the fundraiser easy, very effortless and very well received by our parents.”

    Look forward to working with you in the future.

    - Elizabeth -
  • Southbank Montessori

    “We have been using the KiddiKutter knives in our Montessori class room for 8 years. We chose the product as it allowed the children to learn how to use a knife without the danger normally associated with knives.

    We do fundraising with them once a year and normally sell about 100 knives and make about $5 a knife which we use to buy Montessori materials to donate to a remote Aboriginal school that have started a Montessori program.

    The process is very easy, they send us the fundraising order form which we email back when completed. The next day we get an invoice which we pay and then the knives arrive the following week.

    The parents are very happy with the product and we know from their daily use in a child care centre that they are very durable, even in the dishwasher.”

    - Rachel Walker -
  • Birralee Kinder

    “It was truly the easiest fundraiser! All we did was hand out an order form to each family via the children’s locker pockets and kindy and also via email and then each family either ordered for their own child plus got friends orders as well.

    Thanks so much!”

    – Jessica –


KiddiKutter Knives

Shop our collection of safe and bright KiddiKutter knives. You can buy individual knives or a value pack of six bright and bold colours! 


Eight Bright Colours

We have recently added 2 new colours to our range, charcoal and dusty pink. You now have the choice between eight bright colours.



Make your own frozen snacks with our reusable BPA free icy pole pouches. Fill, freeze and enjoy! Each pack has 36 pouches.


KiddiKutter were absolutely thrilled to be announced as one of five finalists in The Housewares Innovation Awards 2019.