How it Works

KiddiKutter features a child friendly design with bright colours and no sharp edges.

Even though there are no sharp edges, your KiddiKutter is able to cut through everything from a tomato to a steak with ease. It’s able to do this by using rounded teeth and an easy sawing motion. This makes it very easy for your budding chefs to make their own lunches and creations whenever they like without worrying about accidents.

Why KiddiKutter

KiddiKutter come with a food-grade nonstick coating and a BPA free easy grip handle.

You can pick from eight bold and bright colours that your kids will love including blue, green, pink, orange, purple, dusty pink, charcoal and red. Our products are 18 centimeters long, and this makes them perfect for little hands to grip and use.

They come with extensive testing to help ensure that they’re safe for your children to use, and they have Australian, European, French and German safety certifications included.

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Get Creative

For the best results, we encourage you to have your child start with softer fruits and veg like peaches and tomatoes before working their way up to harder foods. This will let kids get a feel for the sawing motion they need to successfully cut through their food. KiddiKutter is perfect for dozens of different foods including:

  • Slice fruit for a healthy and fun breakfast addition
  • Slice up veg and pack it for a healthy snack or meal side dish
  • Encourage your kid to prepare new foods they’ve never tried before and more!

Fun in the Kitchen!

You want to encourage your kids to have fun in the kitchen, and what better way to encourage this than to give them their own safe knives to use? You can invite them into the kitchen, get their KiddiKutters out and have them safely work next to you.

Prepare snacks, meals, sides and encourage their creativity. You could even give them ingredients and let them create their own creations for the whole family to enjoy! When you finish, have them help you load their KiddiKutters into the dishwasher to clean.


KiddiKutter Knives

Come shop our collection of safe and bright KiddiKutter knives. You can buy individual knives or a value pack with all eight bright and bold colours!

New Colours

KiddiKutter introduce two brand new colours to our range recently and they are proving a huge success, now available Charcoal and Dusty Pink as well as 6 other bright colours!



These icy pole pouches are a healthy and fun way to make a summer snack alternative for your kids. Fill them with your kid’s favourite juice, freeze them and let them enjoy!

KiddiKutters in Action Video

Kiddikutters cut food not fingers!

Ready to see KiddiKutters in action? Take a look at our video below to see how well our products work while still being safe for your kid to use!

  • “Kiddikutter supported our team Bright Sparks as we raised money for the Ride to Conquer Cancer, it was easy and everyone who purchased the kiddkutter loved them and so did there kids. The bright colours awesome and so easy to use for all ages. Her professionalism and reliability during our fundraiser was fabulous. So,thank you.”

    - Kandy -
  • “I love that Kiddikutter creates an independence for my kids, I bought one 2 years ago and it’s still going strong. It makes eating less of a chore and alot more enjoyable for everyone!”

    - Bridie -
  • “They are funky colours so engaging straight away, a comfortable easy grip handle, with a blade that slices through tomato like its cutting through butter. Lasts for so long it’s crazy. Easy to handle by even a 2 year old.”

    - Leanne -
  • “Despite all attempts to dispute the cant cut yourself claim I really cant fault this knife. We used one at our Stephanie Alexander kitchen garden/ cooking classes at our local primmary and even the least experienced students did very well. Highly recommended.”

    - Denise -
  • “I bought the KiddiKutter child safe knife for my daughter. She struggles with her fine motor skills, its been so good for her. I don’t have to worry about cut fingers, she feels more independent and gets a kick out of helping me in the kitchen. The customer service was outstanding, I messaged KiddiKutter so many times, asking a range of questions & they were always so helpful.”

    - Jasmine -
  • “We love KiddiKutters because it means we can have quality time in the kitchen cooking together and I don’t have to worry about little fingers being cut. “

    - Little Tucker Box -

KiddiKutter were absolutely thrilled to be announced as one of five finalists in The Housewares Innovation Awards 2019.